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Description Example Category
Copy (and) paste He copy pastes the file there. Grammar
Copy (and) paste Please copy paste the file there. Grammar
corral (coral) Corral reefs are diverse underwater ecosystems. Commonly Confused Words
Correct use of 'cc' I cced you on the mail. Grammar
corse vs course Of Corse, I can take care. Commonly Confused Words
coudn't (couldn't) I coldn't see him. Possible Typo
could (couldn't) care less The man on the street said he could care less. Possible Typo
could (couldn't) give a damn Frankly, my dear, I could give a damn. Possible Typo
could of (could have) It should of been found last night. Possible Typo
could of (could have) It will of been discovered by tomorrow. Possible Typo
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