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Description Example Category
confusion singed/signed Here is a copy of the singed contract. Grammar
confusion/typo of 'later' and 'latter' He gained experience that will be useful latter on. Grammar
confusion/typo of 'later' and 'latter' The later portions of the process were markedly less rapid. Grammar
congratulations for (on) Congratulations for your new job! Grammar
constellation (consolation) prize The team was so upset, they didn't even claim their constellation prize. Possible Typo
constitutes (consists) of The city constitutes of five boroughs. Possible Typo
construction sight (site) We didn't visit the construction sight until Wednesday. Possible Typo
continue to remain (remain) We continued to remain optimistic. Redundant Phrases
Contraction errors: e.g. did'nt (didn't) This is'nt true! Possible Typo
Contraction errors: e.g. did'nt (didn't) This hasn's happened! Possible Typo
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