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Description Example Category
COVID-19 The corona-virus pandemia. Grammar
COVID-19 Covid is a contagious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2. Grammar
COVID-19 The pre corona revenue looked much better. Grammar
Creative Writing: E-Prime: 'to be' as the main verb This is right. Creative Writing
Creative Writing: E-Prime: all 'to be' forms This is wrong. Creative Writing
cross-check Please always try to cross check your bearings. Grammar
cross-check She drove cross town just to see me. Grammar
crowd sourcing (crowdsourcing) Mechanical Turk is an example of crowd sourcing. Possible Typo
cumber some (cumbersome) Building an app for Windows is cumber som. Compounding
curator on/of The man to whom you were speaking to was the curator on the exposition. Collocations
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