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Description Example Category
custom build (custom-build) They would custom build a solution. Grammar
custom build (custom-build) They are custom building a solution. Grammar
cyber security (cybersecurity) The company suffered badly from a cyber attack. Grammar
Côte d’Azur The Cote d’Azur is the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France. Grammar
daily regiment (regimen) They had a strict daily regiment of calisthenics. Possible Typo
damp squid (squib) The last firework of the evening was a disappointing damp squid. Possible Typo
daring-do (derring-do) He impressed all the ladies with his daring-do. Possible Typo
dat (that) We can do dat. Style
day dreaming (daydreaming) I day dreamed about being a millionaire. Grammar
day light (daylight) Vampires try to avoid the day light. Grammar
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