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Description Example Category
(TM) instead of ™ The new product is Executive Choice(TM) Plus. Typography
..., than (then) If we want to eat, than we need to get some money. Commonly Confused Words
..., than, ... (then) The genuinely interesting question, than, becomes... Commonly Confused Words
...if user(s) open the card by clicking on the error? Should keyboard navigation be available if user open the card by clicking on the error? Grammar a major cause of death and affect(s) approximately 795,000 Cerebral stroke, a sudden interruption in the brain's blood supply, is a major cause of death and annually affect a lot of people. Grammar
...the situation in the (*omit the*) Ukraine I don’t doubt the bipartisan concern that’s been expressed about the situation in the Ukraine. Grammar vary (very) much Thank you vary much. Possible Typo
1. Redundancy (General) tuna fish Redundant Phrases
1. Wordiness (General) fatal outcome Plain English
12,5% → 12.5% The price rose by 12,5% Typography
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