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Description Example Category
would be nice, if (no comma) Would you mind, if you could take a look. Punctuation
would be nice, if (no comma) Do you know, if this is true? Punctuation
worthwhile is weak It was a worthwhile endeavor. Plain English
worth while (worthwhile) It was a worth while endeavor. Possible Typo
worth (worse) than Is cloud hosting worth than hostgator? Commonly Confused Words
wort vs worth It's also wort to check this. Commonly Confused Words
wort vs worth Wort reading the whole thing. Commonly Confused Words
worst (worse) comes to worst If worst comes to worst, we'll just move. Possible Typo
worse-case (worst-case) scenario They always prepared for the worse-case scenario. Possible Typo
worse come to worse (worst) Worse came to worse. Grammar
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