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Description Example Category
12;30 a.m. (12:30 a.m.) It's 7,30 p.m. Redundant Phrases
2 day (days) / week He will be working 4 day / week. Grammar
360 (180) degree change She made a 360 degree change in her life. Possible Typo
3dogs (3 dogs) It took me 1min. Typography
3dogs (3 dogs) I have 3dogs. Typography
3rd person verb (base verb) after what/who Who want to go to the mall? Grammar
40-70 (40–70) Participants in the study were 40-70 years old. Punctuation
5-farads/5-farad Use a 6-microfarads capacitor. Nonstandard Phrases
7 o'clock AM (7 o'clock) It's 7 o'clock a.m. Redundant Phrases
7 o'clock AM (7 o'clock) It's 7 o'clock AM. Redundant Phrases
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