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Description Example Category
past experience/memory (experience/memory) We know from past experience that weakness breeds contempt. Redundant Phrases
past time (pastime) This was America's favorite past time. Possible Typo
pawn off (palm off) Are you trying to pawn off that annoying client? Possible Typo
pay roll (payroll) We have 10 employees on our pay roll. Grammar
payed (paid) She payed her debts. Grammar
peace (piece) It's a peace of cake! Commonly Confused Words
peak (pique) his interest The mere mention of Luxembourg was enough to peak his interest. Possible Typo
peak (pique) interest It peaked my interest. Grammar
pedal to the medal (metal) To get by the police car, he put the pedal to the medal. Possible Typo
people + 3rd person verb Some people thinks that space is endless. Grammar
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