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Description Example Category
not often, not very often (seldom. rare, rarely) It is not very often that a hotel exceeds your expectations. Plain English
not the same (different) The taste is not the same. Plain English
not unlike (similar, alike) Sisters were not unlike. Plain English
not us (use) Please do not us this door. Possible Typo
note An information note from Vice-President Kallas and the President, … was adopted in 2008. Misused terms in EU publications (Gardner)
notify to Member States shall notify to the Commission the name, the address, …. Misused terms in EU publications (Gardner)
Noun following 'who' A student who participant in the program Grammar
now a days (nowadays) Now a days, there isn't much hope. Possible Typo
now and days (nowadays) Money is becoming pretty tight now and days. Nonstandard Phrases
Now are (is) the time Now are the time. Grammar
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