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Description Example Category
Word order: Wrong position of adverb, e.g. 'Always I am happy. (I am always happy.)' I always will love you. Grammar
Word repetition (e.g. 'will will') This is is just an example sentence. Miscellaneous
Wordiness: in a ... manner He came in a hasty manner. Redundant Phrases
Wordiness: very small He came to a very small house. Redundant Phrases
Words with diacritics blase Possible Typo
wordy phrase: due to the fact The experiment was halted due to the fact that funding was withdrawn. Plain English
work (for) is The company that I work is Cosme Inc... Collocations
work colleague (colleague) I will talk to a work colleague. Redundant Phrases
working (work in) progress His symphony was a working progress. Possible Typo
world wide (worldwide) There was a world wide epidemic. Possible Typo
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