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Description Example Category
abbreviation of 'philosophiae doctor' (PhD) I got my PHD at an university in Germany. Semantics
abbreviations with spaces in between (e. g.) There are several grammar checkers for English, e. g. LanguageTool. Punctuation
abbreviations with spaces in between (e. g.) Who's responsible for providing public facilities, i. e., a post office, library, etc. for the Northwest? Punctuation
about face (about-face) The soldier did an about face and marched off. Compounding
about its NN (possessive) The frog told a story about it's happy childhood in the river. Possible Typo
about who (whom) to What do you think about who to promote? Possible Typo
above mentioned The above mentioned changes weren't implemented. Compounding
abundance There is an abundance of flowers in the meadow. Plain English
accede to (give in) He acceded to our demands. Plain English
accelerate The car accelerated from traffic lights Plain English
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