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Description Example Category
'arrive' + proper noun ('arrive in' + proper noun) I would like to arrive Dallas next day. Grammar
'as follow' (as follows) We can elaborate this distinction as follow. Possible Typo
'BE I BE GERUND' What was I am doing again? Grammar
'by' + passive participle (be) This can by consistent with usability constraints. Possible Typo
'Could've' + irregular past tense verb We could've ate the chicken. Possible Typo
'did' with past tense verb Did the application worked? Grammar
'did' with past tense verb Did you forgot it? Grammar
'Do to that fact that' -> 'Due to' Do to the fact that the MTA has burned through leaders at a rate of nearly one per year over the last six years, ... Commonly Confused Words
'does' ... 3rd person verb (base verb) Does your memory usage grows during processing? Grammar
'e.g.' without a comma There are several grammar checkers for English, e.g. LanguageTool. Punctuation Errors
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