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Description Example Category
White House white house officials are warning Trump against social distancing deadlines. Grammar
whit vs with I can share that whit you. Commonly Confused Words
whit vs white It is a whit horse. Commonly Confused Words
whit vs white There were a lot of whit horses. Commonly Confused Words
whit vs white The car is whit. Commonly Confused Words
whip cream (whipped cream) Whip cream until it becomes whip cream. Nonstandard Phrases
whim (wing) and a prayer The Lakers appeared to be hanging on a whim and a prayer. Possible Typo
which vs wish I which you good luck! Commonly Confused Words
which include but are not limited too (to) There are many activities, including, but not limited too, running, jumping, and swimming. Grammar
whet vs what Whet is wrong with you? Commonly Confused Words
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