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Description Example Category
adjective vs. adverb Tom didn't automatic disable the feature. Commonly Confused Words
adjective vs. adverb Your site is terrible slow. Commonly Confused Words
adjective vs. adverb Your site is temporary unavailable. Commonly Confused Words
admin (admit) I must admin that my code is not perfect. Commonly Confused Words
Adverb instead of an adjective This is a philosophically question. Grammar
Adverb instead of noun I tend to move logical content around in the often after I've written something. Grammar
Adverb repetition: e.g. 'also see also' You may also see also Scotland... Grammar
adverse (averse) Are you adverse to eating horse meat? Commonly Confused Words
advice (advise) We advice you to do it. Commonly Confused Words
advice (advise) Please advice how to proceed. Commonly Confused Words
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