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Description Example Category
'e.g.' without a comma There are several grammar checkers for English, eg. LanguageTool. Punctuation
'each' or 'every' with plural nouns Each children are happy. Grammar
'economic (economical) car' etc. This is a very economic car. Commonly Confused Words
'economical (economic) growth' etc. This article deals with economical development of the Third World. Commonly Confused Words
'every/each' + SINGULAR The manager wants to speak to every employees in his office. Grammar
'hair' + singular verb She cut her hairs yesterday. Possible Typo
'hasn't' + irregular past tense verb They haven't bit their tongue. Possible Typo
'I afraid of' (I'm afraid of) I afraid of the dark. Grammar
'I afraid of' (I'm afraid of) You afraid of the dark. Grammar
'I afraid of' (I'm afraid of) He afraid of the dark. Grammar
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