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Description Example Category
to backout (back out) There's still time to backout of the deal. Possible Typo
to bath (bathe) It's so relaxing to bath in the evening. Possible Typo
to be able to + 'passive voice' The problem was able to be solved. Style
to be elder (older) than She is elder than her brother. Possible Typo
to be nothing such as (to be no such thing as) There is nothing such as as a free lunch. Grammar
to blackout (black out) He didn't want to blackout in front of his professor. Possible Typo
to blank then (than) by I'd rather go to play then by the market. Possible Typo
to comeback (come back) The Mets gave the Yankees too much of a chance to comeback. Possible Typo
to get ride (rid) if (of) Let's get ride of that broken chair. Possible Typo
to get ride (rid) if (of) Let's get rid if that broken chair. Possible Typo
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