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Description Example Category
back in forth (back and forth) I've been texting back in forth with him for the past 3 days. Commonly Confused Words
back fire (backfire) His plans always back fire. Possible Typo
back and fourth (back and forth) How to move back and fourth from linux to xmb? Commonly Confused Words
bachelors (bachelor's) My bachelors is from UCLA. Grammar
bachelors (bachelor's) I have a bachelors from UCLA. Grammar
Axed v asked He axed me to dinner. Commonly Confused Words
awl (all) I left awl my things there. Commonly Confused Words
awhile (a while) I haven't posted in awhile. Possible Typo
awhile (a while) I haven't posted in while. Possible Typo
awhile (a while) I haven't posted in quite awhile. Possible Typo
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