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Description Example Category
where/when It happened in the past where people weren't using mobile phones. Style
whet vs what Whet is wrong with you? Commonly Confused Words
whet vs what I wondered whet the problem could be. Commonly Confused Words
whet vs what Whet? Commonly Confused Words
whet vs what Whet a pity! Commonly Confused Words
which include but are not limited too (to) There are many activities, including, but not limited too, running, jumping, and swimming. Grammar
whim (wing) and a prayer The Lakers appeared to be hanging on a whim and a prayer. Possible Typo
whip cream (whipped cream) Whip cream until it becomes whip cream. Nonstandard Phrases
whit vs white It is a whit horse. Commonly Confused Words
whit vs white There were a lot of whit horses. Commonly Confused Words
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