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Description Example Category
a through(thorough) discussion etc. The manual does not have a through discussion of the topic. Commonly Confused Words
a small number of (a few) A small number of people were in the store. Redundant Phrases
a sinking (s)hip The idiom 'like rats fleeing a sinking hip is used in reference to people abandoning an enterprise once it seems likely to fail. Collocations
a scissor (scissors) I needed a scissor to finally cut it. Grammar
a quite while (quite a while) It was a quite while since he appeared last on TV. Grammar
a quite while (quite a while) There's a quite confusion around this matter. Grammar
a priory (a priori) This is an a priory assumption. Commonly Confused Words
a pare (pair) of He was wearing a pare of new shoes. Commonly Confused Words
A new year has begun IGD Convention - 7 October 2013 Semantics
A new year has begun IGD Convention - October 7, 2013 Semantics
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