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Description Example Category
what it (is) the What it the solution. Commonly Confused Words
whatcha (what are you) Whatcha doing? Style
whatcha (what are you) Whatcha have? Style
WhatsApp He is using Whats App to communicate with his friends. Grammar
whatsoever → whatsoever I don't like it what so ever. Possible Typo
wheel chair (wheelchair) He broke his leg and needed a wheel chair. Grammar
When (What) can be done about something I have to ask when can be done about this. Grammar
when is (it) comes off Your complimentary copy will be in the mail when is comes off the press. Grammar
where (were) It seems unlikely that they where going to achieve it. Commonly Confused Words
where as/by (whereas/whereby) The northern and urban areas of the state do not generally offer sweet tea in the most restaurants, where as it is a staple beverage for the southern part ... Possible Typo
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