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Description Example Category
add-no (add-on) LanguageTool is available as a browser add-no. Possible Typo
add an additional (add) How to Add an additional page to a Full Flash Site Redundant Phrases
add an additional (add) Add an additional: Redundant Phrases
Adapt to v. adopt to Maybe you will need time to adopt to the situation. Commonly Confused Words
ad vs as He will take care ad soon as possible. Commonly Confused Words
ad vs as I can take care ad well. Commonly Confused Words
ad nauseum (nauseam) The song was playing ad nauseum. Possible Typo
ad (and) They discussed the environmental, economic ad social aspects. Grammar
active vs activate I could not active your subscription. Commonly Confused Words
active vs activate In order to deactive your account, you need to log in first. Commonly Confused Words
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