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Description Example Category
'please' twice in a sentence Please could you have a look at this please? Style
'ourself' We witnessed ourself at Southampton this thirteenth day of October. Style
'One the one hand' (On the one hand) One the one hand, he was rich. Possible Typo
'Needs fixed' type construction My car needs fixed. Style
'Ndrangheta The Ndrangheta is a Mafia-type[3] organized crime group based in Calabria. Grammar
'must to' instead of 'have to' I must to go shopping. Grammar
'much' + countable noun, e.g. 'much (many) children' There are much children. Grammar
'much' + countable noun, e.g. 'much (many) children' There are much young children. Grammar
'merchandize' vs. 'merchandise' He merchandized eighteen years, owning mills and blacksmith shops. Style
'many/few' + uncountable noun, e.g. 'many (much) food' John eats as many food as Peter. Grammar
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