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Description Example Category
Use of past form with 'going to ...' I'm going to wrote him. Grammar
Use of two consecutive dots or commas Punctuation
Use of whitespace before comma and before/after parentheses We had coffee , cheese and crackers and grapes. Typography
Use the base form or the past tense with a plural noun The test results after Christmas shows great improvement. Grammar
used to could (be able to) I used to could do that. Style
v-shaped (V-turn) The object was v-shaped. Upper/Lowercase
vary (very) He insisted to do it until the vary end. Possible Typo
vary (very) They were vary happy. Possible Typo
vary (very) They were at the vary top. Possible Typo
VB a while (awhile) He was expected to forget a while after the fact. Possible Typo
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