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Description Example Category
and also (and/also) Typical English Food and also Welsh and Scottish too Redundant Phrases
and (etc) … pens, pencils, rulers, paper clips, rulers, and etc. Redundant Phrases
analysis if (of) An Analysis if Rock Music Possible Typo
an then (and then) Tonight I'm going to eat dinner at Alyssa's an then go to Christina's. Possible Typo
an invite (invitation) Is that an invite...? Style
an every day (everyday) You shouldn’t wear an every day outfit to the wedding. Possible Typo
an every day (everyday) These shoes are great for every day wear. Possible Typo
an another (an/another) It's an another lonely night. Grammar
an + are They are great an are very responsive. Grammar
Amendable to error You must be amendable to compromise. Commonly Confused Words
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