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Description Example Category
windows-based (Windows-based) I'm trying to use a windows-based software on my Mac. Grammar
wining vs winning He is wining the championship. Commonly Confused Words
Winter 20211 (2021) We hope for a growing number of visitors in winter 20211. Semantics
Winter 20211 (2021) We hope for a growing number of visitors from Oct. 20211. Semantics
Winter 20211 (2021) The 20200 election took place in November. Semantics
witch (which) is wrong Which position is right and witch is wrong? Commonly Confused Words
witch haunt (witch hunt) An anti-Polish witch haunt Commonly Confused Words
with out (without) We must take the bus before it leaves with out us. Possible Typo
with the exception of (except) With the exception of Bob, all of the children went running. Redundant Phrases
with vs width The button with is 200px Commonly Confused Words
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