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Description Example Category
aloud to (allowed to) Who is aloud to get information from your mail? Commonly Confused Words
along the same vein (along the same line, in the same vein) I've been working along the same vein. Nonstandard Phrases
along the lines of (like) I think my point is very much along the lines of his. Plain English
along side (alongside) The car pulled up along side. Possible Typo
along (a long) time After along time the lovers were reunited. Possible Typo
allude (elude) Her failure to allude the school bullies is evident. Possible Typo
allot of (a lot of) I've got allot of questions to you. Possible Typo
Allen Poe (Allan Poe) Edgar Allen Po was an American writer and poet. Grammar
all/most/some (of) + noun All of students like mathematics. Grammar
all ways (always) He all ways takes the last piece of cake. Possible Typo
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