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Description Example Category
very unique (unique) Walk until you see the very unique building on your right. Redundant Phrases
Victoria's Secret She is wearing hear new Victorias Secret underwear. Grammar
video tape (videotape) He has watched all video tapes. Compounding
vintage (vantage) point There was a great vintage point on the back side of the hill. Possible Typo
vitamin C Prolonged storage or cooking may reduce Vitamin C content in foods. Grammar
vox populi, vox dei (Dei) Vox populi, vox dei. Upper/Lowercase
w hat (what) Is this w hat you want? Possible Typo
waiting (for) a patient Anne is waiting her patient. Collocations
waived (waved) off The offsides call was waived off by the referee. Possible Typo
walled vs wallet The king is hiding in a wallet city. Commonly Confused Words
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