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Description Example Category
ala mode (a la mode) He loves his pie ala mode. Possible Typo
al vs. all Al other prices will stay as before. Commonly Confused Words
al vs. all Al of my friends are happy. Commonly Confused Words
airplane hanger (airplane hangar) These are airplane hangers. Commonly Confused Words
Aircrafts Freighter aircrafts, which are dedicated to the transport of goods, are being mobilized to make up the capacity shortfall. Grammar
air line (air line) Which air port are you arriving at? Grammar
air born vs airborne Covid-19 is an airborn disease. Commonly Confused Words
air born vs airborne Covid-19 is an air born disease. Commonly Confused Words
Air Bnb (Airbnb) I reserved us a room via Air Bnb. Grammar
Aide in wrong context I want to aide you in a task. Commonly Confused Words
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