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Description Example Category
wordy phrase: due to the fact The experiment was halted due to the fact that funding was withdrawn. Plain English
work (for) is The company that I work is Cosme Inc... Collocations
work colleague (colleague) I will talk to a work colleague. Redundant Phrases
working (work in) progress His symphony was a working progress. Possible Typo
works as (like) a charm LanguageTool works as a charm; it finds many errors. Commonly Confused Words
world wide (worldwide) There was a world wide epidemic. Possible Typo
Worlds (World's) Best He is the worlds best footballer. Grammar
Worlds (World's) Best It is known as the worlds best-selling car. Grammar
Worlds (World's) Best It is known as the world best car. Grammar
Worlds (World's) Best It is known as the United States best swimmer. Grammar
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