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Description Example Category
we'are → we're She'is happy. Possible Typo
we'll vs well We'll that was close! Commonly Confused Words
we'Re' (we're) etc We'Re looking forward to our meeting. Possible Typo
we'Re' (we're) etc We don'T need this. Possible Typo
we'Re' (we're) etc … because it'S an example. Possible Typo
We've drank (drunk) the Kool-Aid I have drank way too much coffee, and now I can’t sit still. Grammar
We've drank (drunk) the Kool-Aid I have forgot the answer. Grammar
We've drank (drunk) the Kool-Aid The choir had sang so beautifully. Grammar
We've drank (drunk) the Kool-Aid He had stank up the bathroom. Grammar
weather (whether) She asked weather he knew her. Possible Typo
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