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Description Example Category
a large number of (many) A large number of people were in the parade. Redundant Phrases
a la (à la) Monday has told us mind games are football speak for inane ranting a la Vera Duckworth. Typography
a know (known) bug/problem This is a know problem. Possible Typo
a it (bit) more He wants a little it more. Grammar
a infinitive a compete Grammar
a infinitive ... and Enron about the tell Joann we had incurred several days of penalties. Grammar
a infinitive … but a happens very rarely. Grammar
a infinitive I think the is very reasonable, if I felt that being tighter would allow more trades without me either being the repository of unwanted MW or being the only supplier of MW, then I would be tighter. Grammar
a hundreds (hundred) A hundreds people were in the store. Grammar
a heads-up Thanks to a head's up from our customer, we were able to resolve the matter. Grammar
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