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Description Example Category
a bold-faced (bald-faced) lie It was a bold-faced lie. Commonly Confused Words
a blessing in the skies (disguise) It was a blessing in the skies that my car broke down. Commonly Confused Words
a bit (of) I have a bit money Grammar
a bail out (bailout) The bail out was too expensive. Possible Typo
a 42 yarder (42-yarder) He has thrown a 42 yarder. Compounding
a + complain/restrain He sent his complain to the mailing list. Grammar
[determiner] + [plural noun] verb agreement Luckily, those children gets better education. Grammar
[determiner] + [plural noun] verb agreement I think his remarks goes too far. Grammar
7:00 o'clock (7:00 or 7 o'clock) It's 7:00 o'clock. Nonstandard Phrases
7:00 o'clock (7:00 or 7 o'clock) It's 7:45 o'clock. Nonstandard Phrases
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