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Description Example Category
wrong preposition with times 'on (at) 7:30 p.m.' She came on 7 o'clock. Grammar
Wrong preposition: 'be fond to' (be fond of) Children are fond to skipping. Grammar
wrong preposition: 'discuss about something' (discuss something) Do you have a few minutes to discuss about this project? Grammar
wrong preposition: 'exception PREPOSITION the rule' (exception to the rule) Graphite is an exception of the rule. Grammar
wrong preposition: 'happen with' (happen to) What happened with him? Grammar
wrong preposition: 'learn sth on do' (to do) We can learn ways on manage complex relationships with colleagues. Grammar
Wrong preposition: 'obvious for' (obvious to) It's obvious for me. Collocations
wrong preposition: 'On addition' (In addition) On addition, ... Grammar
Wrong preposition: 'superior/inferior than' (superior/inferior to) He feels inferior than us. Collocations
Wrong preposition: 'superior/inferior than' (superior/inferior to) He feels more inferior than us. Collocations
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