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Description Example Category
12,5% → 12.5% They have 32.000 users. Typography
12,5% → 12.5% We now have 32.500.000 users. Typography
12,5% → 12.5% I earned 32.000,23. Typography
12,5% → 12.5% More than 2,5 million people use our products. Typography
1. Wordiness (General) fatal outcome Plain English
1. Redundancy (General) tuna fish Redundant Phrases vary (very) much Thank you vary much. Possible Typo
...with citations (citation) numbers that are sequential A numeric citation style is used, with citations numbers that are sequential throughout the entire documentation. Grammar
...the vocal tract is partially or completed (completely) closed A consonant is a letter that represents speech sounds that can only be made when the vocal tract is partially or completed closed. Grammar
...the situation in the (*omit the*) Ukraine I don’t doubt the bipartisan concern that’s been expressed about the situation in the Ukraine. Grammar
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