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Description Example Category
'they ware' vs 'they were' They ware busy Grammar
'themself' The casual observer might easily think themself back in 1945. Style
'Them (Then)' at sentence start Them it became clear. Possible Typo
'The' or 'a' before a punctuation Another example of chimpanzee to human aggression occurred February 2009 in Stamford, Connecticut, when a , 14-year-old pet chimp named Travis attacked his owner's friend. Grammar
'the reason... is because' The reason we were late is because there was an accident. Style
'the reason... is because' The reason that Tom isn't here is because he's sick. Style
'the built' The built is failing. Grammar
'the built' I have restarted the built. Grammar
'thanks giving' (Thanksgiving) Thanks giving 2020. Grammar
'thanks giving' (Thanksgiving) We see each other at Thanks giving. Grammar
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