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Description Example Category
Collocation: lot (of) A lot people were late. Collocations
Collocation: lunch to/for The lunch to the guests is ready. Collocations
Collocation: Marry with/to Angela was married with a rich man. Collocations
Collocation: motivation in/to It is very important for them because motivation in study is the best ways for them to get good mark and high spirit in study process. Collocations
Collocation: near from/to It is not very near from my job. Collocations
Collocation: offered in/at In addition, if people are in favor of women practicing combat sports, it would be beneficial to have combat sport sessions in schools as well as optional courses offered in universities. Collocations
Collocation: on/in a hospital bed The patient is on a hospital bed waiting for surgery. Collocations
Collocation: on/in a meeting I was on a meeting. Collocations
Collocation: on/in charge of Julie is the person on charge to the security. Collocations
Collocation: on/in fact On fact, the people are fed up of so many elections. Collocations
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