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Description Example Category
'wherever there (they are) going' Wherever there going, I will follow them. Possible Typo
'will like to' (would like to) I will like to do something. Grammar
'written in verses (verse)' The tale was written in verses. Commonly Confused Words
(c) instead of © Copyright (C) Joanna Bator, 2012 Typography
(e)specially He loves cats, specially small ones. Grammar
(R) instead of ® Windows (R) Typography
(TM) instead of ™ The new product is Executive Choice(TM) Plus. Typography
..., than (then) If we want to eat, than we need to get some money. Commonly Confused Words
..., than, ... (then) The genuinely interesting question, than, becomes... Commonly Confused Words vary (very) much Thank you vary much. Possible Typo
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