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Description Example Category
if it if (is) I wonder if the context if actually important. Possible Typo
if it if (is) The rules are testes, which if quite fast. Possible Typo
if or not (whether or not) It's not certain whether communication with the site's customer service has led it to be clear if or not this is true. Grammar
if which We cannot know if which functionality gets tested. Possible Typo
Ill (I'll) Ill explain! Possible Typo
Im am (I am) I'm am a madman. Possible Typo
imminent (eminent) domain Their house was claimed due to imminent domain. Possible Typo
important … and explain the reasons for which an important amount is still to be implemented. Misused terms in EU publications (Gardner)
in (on) vacation He is probably in vacation right now. Commonly Confused Words
in a manner of speaking (omit) The policy has, in a manner of speaking, begun to Balkanize the more rural parts of our state. Plain English
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