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Description Example Category
in stead of (instead of) Can my car really use water in stead of gas? Possible Typo
in tact (intact) Outdoor Activities in Louisiana Remain In Tact Possible Typo
in term of (in terms of) Femininity is still defined in term of beauty. Plain English
in terms of (in, for) Disclaimers vary in terms of their uniformity. Plain English
in the affirmative (yes, affirmatively) The poll asked average Israelis if they support such a program, and 82 percent responded in the affirmative. Plain English
in the case of (about, to) In the case of this particular policy, citizens of northeast Connecticut became very upset. Plain English
in the event of, in the event that (if, in case) In the event that I can't come back by seven, you can eat without me. Plain English
in the final or last or ultimate analysis (finally, in conclusion) In the final analysis, it is their war. Plain English
in the moment (currently) No, in the moment not. Nonstandard Phrases
in the nature of (like) Something in the nature of a repeal may soon take place. Plain English
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