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Description Example Category
y'al (y'all) What songs have y'al been vibing to lately? Possible Typo
Microsoft product names The xbox series x is the next gaming console from Microsoft. Grammar
X-rated This move is x-rated. Compounding
X-rated This move is x rated. Compounding
wurst vs worst He is the wurst player of all time. Commonly Confused Words
wurst vs worst This game is the wurst I have ever watched. Commonly Confused Words
wurst vs worst This is the wurst case scenario. Commonly Confused Words
wurst vs worst The wurst is yet to come. Commonly Confused Words
wud like (would like) Dear Santa, I wud like to have some nice toys for Christmas. Grammar
political gaffs (gaffes) There were some serious political gaffs committed that day. Possible Typo
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