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Description Example Category
pleas vs please Pleas have a look at this. Commonly Confused Words
Agreement: 'I is / you is / ... ' I were at the restaurant. Grammar
Agreement: 'I is / you is / ... ' I weren't at the restaurant. Grammar
Comma after 'nowadays Nowadays people are scared of the dark. Punctuation
Comma after 'nowadays Nowadays everything is a bit faster than back then. Punctuation
Is (it) possible to ...? Is possible? Grammar
Is (it) possible to ...? Is possible to use LanguageTool in Word? Grammar
Agreement: 'I is / you is / ... ' He were too old for that. Grammar
Who send (sends) the documents/how is (are) the kids doing What are the most widely used browser for JIRA and Confluence? Grammar
We the best (missing verb) It a race from Houston to Austin. Grammar
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