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Description Example Category
I'm bout (about) to He bout to go crazy. Style
She it (is) happy She it so clever. Commonly Confused Words
missing period after last letter in abbreviations Please check the S.I units. Punctuation
rustic country (rustic) She loved her rustic country kitchen. Redundant Phrases
runnner-up In 1937, Charlton finished runners up in the First Division, in 1938 finished fourth and 1939 finished third. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'run on' I'm using a tool to fix my run on sentences. Grammar
ruff vs rough Look at this ruff diamond. Commonly Confused Words
royal mail (Royal Mail) The royal mail is a postal service and courier company in the United Kingdom. Upper/Lowercase
royal air force (Royal Air Force) The royal air force is the United Kingdom's aerial warfare force Upper/Lowercase
Indian English replacements He is a rowdy-sheeter because he has stolen. Style
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