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Description Example Category
missing hyphen in '2 room apartment' He lives in a small 2 room apartment. Grammar
missing hyphen in '2 family house' They live in a 2 family house. Compounding
Winter 20211 (2021) The 20200 election took place in November. Semantics
'19 century' (19th century) Back then in the 19 century Grammar
Numbers in words Go0d morning! Possible Typo
A word contains an underscore This test_case is not satisfactory. Possible Typo
Non-standard character in a word Please Đ¾pen the door. (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'o', Unicode U+043E.) Typography
wrong genitive (e.g., 'employees's' instead of 'employee's') This was the employees's decision. Possible Typo
play ed (played) We play ed catch. Grammar
Preposition + who (whom) To who do I send my transcripts? Grammar
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