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Description Example Category
its vs. it's This is an opportunity to see how SAP addresses it's internal developers. Possible Typo
The skin darkens form (from) pink to purplish brown The skin of young birds darkens form pink to purplish brown within two days of hatching. Grammar
VBZ IN they're (their) NN What kind of person disparages of they're company? Possible Typo
will follows be ('he is would') How is would this approach be useful? Grammar
Can I sent (send) it? When exactly can you sent it? Grammar
doe vs does What doe he think? Commonly Confused Words
Are we have (Do we have) How's it feel now? Grammar
Are we have (Do we have) What's Tom have to do with it? Grammar
Does anybody would (Would anybody) How does the client would like this information? Grammar
art vs are What art you looking for? Commonly Confused Words
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