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Description Example Category
replay vs reply Please replay to my message. Commonly Confused Words
Collocation: Repercussion with/on This action has repercussions with the entire community. Collocations
repeat again (repeat) We made the song repeat again. Redundant Phrases
rely on I rely my family to help me out. Grammar
relay vs rely He relays on her. Commonly Confused Words
relay vs rely You can always relay on me. Commonly Confused Words
Capitalization of words derived from proper nouns These romanizers think that the Roman Catholic church... Typography
reigns (reins) of power Idi Amin held the reigns of power for far too long. Possible Typo
trade mark (trademark) You can't copy his trade mark. Grammar
'admit', 'appreciate', 'avoid', 'enjoy' etc. with a base form of a verb I regret to read this book. Grammar
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