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Description Example Category
read only (read-only) I have read only access. Compounding
replay vs reply Have you already read my replay. Commonly Confused Words
though (through) You should read though this contract. Possible Typo
Possessive apostrophe error Last week's Readers Digest was very good. Possible Typo
re cent (recent) The country has so far not changed its re cent five-year plan. Possible Typo
return back (return) We returned back home. Redundant Phrases
rational (rationale) I fully understand the rational behind it. Commonly Confused Words
rather/other/different then (than) Single Clicking rather then Double Clicking Commonly Confused Words
soft ware (software) He installed the soft ware on his computer. Grammar
Ramstein/Rammstein They met in the Rammstein military base. Commonly Confused Words
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