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Description Example Category
rather/other/different then (than) Single Clicking rather then Double Clicking Commonly Confused Words
soft ware (software) He installed the soft ware on his computer. Grammar
Ramstein/Rammstein They met in the Rammstein military base. Commonly Confused Words
rainbow(-)colored leaves The tree of life has radiant rainbow colored leaves. Compounding
rain bow (rainbow) Look there is a rain bow in the sky! Grammar
Compound adjective: rags to riches Her rags to riches story is fascinating. Grammar
missing period after last letter in abbreviations R.I.P 2Pac. Punctuation
jib (job) He lost his jib. Commonly Confused Words
quite / quiet Be quite! Commonly Confused Words
qui bono (cui bono) Let me ask: qui bono? Nonstandard Phrases
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