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Description Example Category
worthwhile is weak It was a worthwhile endeavor. Plain English
worth while (worthwhile) It was a worth while endeavor. Possible Typo
wort vs worth Wort reading the whole thing. Commonly Confused Words
worst (worse) comes to worst If worst comes to worst, we'll just move. Possible Typo
worse-case (worst-case) scenario They always prepared for the worse-case scenario. Possible Typo
worse come to worse (worst) Worse came to worse. Grammar
Wrong collocation: 'worry for' (worry about) Don't worry for. Collocations
world wide (worldwide) There was a world wide epidemic. Possible Typo
capitalize proper names, geographic terms, historic episodes... How many people died in world war II? Upper/Lowercase
Apple product names Does it work with a mac?. Grammar
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