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Description Example Category
Queen's Gambit The Queens Gambit is TV miniseries. Grammar
curse vs. course She put a course on him. Commonly Confused Words
put fourth (forth) the He put fourth the proposal. Possible Typo
missing hyphen in 'push up bra' She was wearing a push up bra. Grammar
off vs of The team pulled of an upset. Commonly Confused Words
heath vs heath He works for the WHO (World Heath Organization). Commonly Confused Words
pubic (public) education etc. Pubic Affairs is a term for the formal offices of the branches of the US Department of Defense. Commonly Confused Words
prove (proof) It's just a prove of concept. Commonly Confused Words
prostrate (prostate) He was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Grammar
It proofed (proved) to be better It proofed to perform better than custom keyboards. Grammar
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