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Description Example Category
I wanted to resent (resend) that email I wanted to resent this email. Grammar
It only gets worst (worse) It only gets worst. Commonly Confused Words
Missing hyphens in compounds Instead of maintaining 6 page templates for each language... Punctuation
make up (makeup) She put some make up on. Grammar
confusion of 'an' and 'and' Go ahead an create a new tool. Commonly Confused Words
guest edit (guest-edit) He was invited to guest edit the latest issue. Grammar
it vs. if Catch me it you can. Commonly Confused Words
o (to) I wanted o start. Commonly Confused Words
Agreement error: Non-third person/past tense verb with 'he/she/it' or a pronoun She recommended that he walking to the building. Grammar
the vs them They sent the to clients. Commonly Confused Words
LanguageTool 6.4-SNAPSHOT (2023-12-04 20:52:26 +0000)