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Description Example Category
Future date, but verb in past tense We visited the client on 7 October 2025. Semantics
inflected form of 'be' Grammar checking be difficult. Grammar
its vs. it's It does this by providing it's own open source based products. Possible Typo
VBG they're (their) They couldn't stop conceptualizing they're own demise. Commonly Confused Words
VBG you're (your) Stop visualizing you're own demise. Possible Typo
its vs. it's No one has ever seen it's eyes. Possible Typo
We have more slot (slots) available. We have more business meeting than usual. Grammar
Wrong preposition: 'be fond to' (be fond of) Children are fond to skipping. Grammar
Verb with 's If this become's a problem, stop the test. Possible Typo
verb before 'gave' The updates do gave the correct date. Grammar
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