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Description Example Category
space after apostrophe in contraction (e.g. I' m) Maybe I' m missing something? Typography
Lowercase word after word and no space in between LanguageTool offers spell and grammar checking.just paste your text here. Upper/Lowercase
double quote instead of apostrophe He wasn"t ready yet. Typography
redundant apostrophe He wasn''t ready yet. Typography
were (where) The "runners" where running at the same time. Commonly Confused Words
Non-standard comma Be careful,this is not a standard comma. Typography
Non-standard comma Be careful, because this is not a standard comma. Typography
Smart ellipsis (…) This is important... as far as I know. Typography
Readability: Three nouns in a row I suggested that there may be some way to fix this through a price adjustment mechanism in the fixed price or volumes or through a separate indemnification in the "fee letter". Style
Readability: Four nouns in a row BAe ATP, a British Aerospace turboprop passenger aircraft designed for the short range market. Style
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